ROUTE32 Co., Ltd.

ROUTE32 Co., Ltd. deals in the planning, manufacturing and sales of cosmetics and beauty products, and handles various products in Japan. We started the company in 2016, this is fourth year. We are sincerely grateful to all the people who helped us since our founding. These dams, there are too many things in this world, our corporate management philosophy is to find out the true value of the products and services from that situation, to keep bringing smiles and surprises in people's life. We established new standard that never existed in the industry

In order to provide that WHEN YOU NEED WHAT YOU WANT AT THE RIGHT PRICEwe would always like to act with an innovative global viewpoint. Our goal is, through corporate activities, each employee is able to improve their ability and respond to the rapidly changing needs with times. We focus on training employees to challenge new possibilities, also aim to sustainable company that create goods and human resources fitting world's needs

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1-A Heights Hatano,
5-6 Masumicho,
Ikeda City,
Osaka 563-0041

TEL +81 72-710-6838

CEO Yuko Miyanishi

CEO Yuko Miyanishi


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